Lean Flow Technology

Lean Flow Technology is a mathematically-based business methodology designed to allow manufacturers to respond faster and more efficiently to the needs of their Customers.
With the intention of building the highest quality products in the shortest possible time at the lower cost, Lean Flow Technology deploys the following principles :

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Backflush material and labor costs upon completion rather than at each operation,
... To simplify shop floor activities and reduce costs.

Building to daily Customer demand rather than building to forecast,
... To reduce finished goods inventory, reduce cost and increase Customer satisfaction.

Continuous flow manufacturing rather than batch production,
... To reduce work in process inventory and increase quality.

Mixed-model production rather than process layout,
... To build a mix of products on one line and increase resources utilization.

In-process quality rather than inspecting quality at the end of production,
... To build quality into the product during the production process resulting in less scrap and reworks.

Just-in-time material replenishment rather than receipts of MRP forecasted demands,
... To reduce the amount of component and material inventory and reduce cost.

Uses rate-based production rather than work orders,
... To simplify shop floor activities and reduce costs.

Labor flexibility rather than labor specialization,
... To increase productivity and reduce costs.